Spring has sprung

I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken this week. It’s been a strange mix of weather: warm and humid, inky black skies and heavy drizzle. Normal spring weather.

The sounds of spring are about. There is a constant buzzing – flies. There’s the bellow of sheep as we get them into the yards to weigh the lambs, and when we’re not listening to sheep, there is a still silence that pervades when there’s no wind. Being so close to the coast, Esperance is known for wind of the outside variety! It’s quite weird how it seems there isn’t any noise until the wind stops, and then the silence can be deafening.

This time of year the country looks like a huge patchwork quilt from the air. Rich, green crops mingle with the bright yellow canola and then less green pastures. It’s so obvious where the crops start and stop, especially when you look at this photo of the canola against a fence.

Spring is a busy time outside, but finally last night I started the edits on Purple Roads. Hopefully I’ll meet the deadline!

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