Stand off

Driving to a friends house early a few mornings ago, I came across this amusing sight: a cow, who looks like she might be in the throes of birth and an emu having a staring showdown!

Now, I’m guessing, because cows are polite creatures and emus can tend to be a bit bossy, that the cow may have been asking for a space since was giving birth and the emu didn’t think it was necessary!

I watched them in the rearvison mirror as I drove off. Finally, the emu got the hint and started backtracking. The cow turned her back on the road – they are very private animals when it comes to having babies – and got on with the business of babies!

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  1. Just finished Blue Skies.
    I got a couple of my Darwin girlfriends to read it also and they said it was a good read.
    Well Done
    Look forward to Purple Roads.

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