Standing on the brink…

Victoria Brown and Fleur McDonald

Victoria Brown and Fleur McDonald

Some times I have to pinch myself. When I first starting writing, I never could have dreamed what type of journey it my imagination would lead me on. (That might sound weird, but it’s my imagination which writes the books.) Who would have ever thought that i was standing on the brink of a two week tour to promote Crimson Dawn? Certainly not me!

Last night, Victoria Brown launched my fifth book, Crimson Dawn. She said some beautiful things and some extra funny things. Vic loves public speaking, I don’t. Vic loves the limelight, I don’t.

At one point she asked me if I was nervous. I nodded – I’m not sure I could speak at that stage because my mouth was so dry, my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth! She did a double take and absolutely snorted with laughter.

She promised to photo bomb the photos… As you can see, Vic did just that. She put me at ease!


Vic did make me take the microphone, although I made what I had to say, short and sharp!

Marie and I

Marie and I.

Then it was straight to the signing table. My friends, Marie and Mandy made me laugh. They bolted to the front, so they could have the ‘first signed book’ in Esperance!


This morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got up at 5:00am. If this isn’t a Crimson Dawn, I don’t know what is! I took this as an omen that the tour is going to be incredible.

Later today, I polished my old RM Williams boots – the pair I’ve had since I was sixteen! – and jumped onto a plane. Tomorrow I’ll be in Sydney and then we’re heading to regional NSW (check here to see if we’re coming near you). Who would have thought, back when I was sixteen, those boots would be carrying me along the streets of Sydney, Bathurst, Tamworth and many other places, on a tour to promote a book. I certainly could have never imagined it.

As I type this, I’m sitting in a hotel in Perth, thinking about what the next two weeks bring, knowing how lucky I am. Lucky to have the opportunity, and it’s all because you readers have taken me under your wing and bought my books. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

From me to you, I hope you enjoy Crimson Dawn. And thank you. From the bottom of my heart.


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  1. Well done Fleur. I so wish your Nana Parnell could see you now. I remember her writing many stories . She would be so proud. X

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