Starry eyed

Treasure hunts are such fun things, whether it is at a kids party, out in the bush or at the beach!

As kids we were always poking around, looking under bushes for lizards, or climbing trees to look for bird nests. I don’t know how we never came across snakes in some of the places we used to hang out, but we never did!

Poking around in rock pools looking for crabs and checking out penguins has been some of the highlights of the swimming lessons. Often when we go to the beach we’re on long stretches of beach, chasing the deep water where all the yummy, large fish inhabit, not cruising around the rocks. So it’s not something we get to do often.

Amanda found this amazing starfish in one of the rock pools that shelter the bay where the swimming lessons are held. Alive and beautifully coloured, she brought it back so the younger kids, who aren’t allowed onto the rocks, could see it before carefully returning it to the exact place she found it. How she could pick it up was beyond me, but I found it amazing (having never seen a live one before) so with my hands tucked firmly behind my back, I studied it carefully!

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  1. Hi Fleur I just tried to reply to your comment but my email was returned. So i will just pop it on here.

    Hi Fleur, I have just had a bit of a sticky at your blog and it is my pleasure to meet you. I am always interested in finding new Australian authors. Your novels look familiar I wonder if I have read them? I will keep my eye out for a copy now to jog my memory. It is always a source of frustration to me that I have trouble remembering the names of authors and books that I have read. I am a voracious and indiscriminate reader from Solzhenitsyn to Marshall Grover. I am reading a fantasy series by an Australian Cecelia Dart-Thornton at the moment.

    I am really pleased that you like my blog.I am just starting to take photos again and I didn’t realize how much people liked them until I put the camera away for a bit.

  2. Great photo and a great blog! We have rockpools at the beach near our holiday house too, and my son will spend hours there at lwo tide- a net, a bucket, and a smile on his face. (We do instigate a strict catch and release program, however!)

  3. Haha you really did put that photo on your web…looks good and love the comment below the picture…haha lol xoxo

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