Stolen moments and working spaces

Being a farmer and a mum, often my writing time is snatched in between feeding kids, husband or animals and every other job you can imagine. Because of this, I’ve been known to write in a variety of places.

Today I’m being very naughty and using the shade of a tree for my workspace. I’m scratching out some plans for my third book, Purple Roads. I have a notebook full of ideas and now I’m just beginning to work out each chapter so I’ve got an idea of where things are heading to. Now, that’s not to say that my characters won’t have different ideas and make me change what I’ve got  planned as I get further in. They often do – and most of my characters are pretty pushy when they get ideas!

And to tell you the honest truth, I’m probably procrastinating slightly, as it’s pretty daunting staring at a blank Word Document, wondering how the hell am I supposed to write the opening line, let alone 100,000 words! I’m just avoiding the starting bit!

The other couple of photos you may have seen before are my working desks. One is my outdoor office, that I use fairly often during harvest and the other one is my ‘normal’ office, that I’m particularly grateful for during winter!

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  1. thanks so much for the chat the other day Fleur, either way with the 2nd of March Dont feel pressured…we will still chat about “Red Dust” and have the photography comp…definatly wont take N0 for an answer when ‘Blue Skies” is free as a bird..the girls will love to hear just how do you find time to do a book…or three!!! Good luck with it all and book number 4 gonna be “green pastures!!”….all the best for this year…looks as though its giving us a warmer start..

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