Strange and wild weather!

The weather that Australia, in particular Queensland,  has been having, is incredible. I’ve cringed at, not only the destruction that Mother Nature has brought, but the grief and pain caused to humans and animals alike. The TV news seems to be full of detailed reports, shocking images, crying, homless people and animals moved from their natural habbitat.

While Carnarvon, (at the top of WA) and Queensland were flooding, parts of WA were burning. While Queensland was being hit by Cyclone Yasi, NSW, South Australia and Victoria, were/are enduring heat waves and more flooding.  Tassie has had floods, the Northern Territory is green, when it should be red! The list goes on.

Well the farm has had a few odd happenings, recently, too. We had a 47 degree day, a few Fridays ago and yesterday we had a freak hail storm – the hail melted the minute it hit the ground, but the rain that came with it was phenomenal!

We could hear the storm, before we saw it. The noise that the rain made, was nothing short of a drumming on the ground, then as it hit the tin roof, I felt like it might cave in, with the force!

I stood transfixed at the window, watching the birds drop from the sky, to the safety of the ground, the stock, heads down, run for bush and the dogs (who hate thunder) run for the safety of the garage. Finally I shook myself into gear and grabbed the camera!

Suddenly, as quickly as it started, it stopped. The sun shone from between gaps in the clouds, the stock ventured out from underneath the trees and started grazing again, and of course everything from, the trees to soil, looked like it had been washed.

As does this rose. The sun is shining now!

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  2. I think Mother Nature is reminding us that she really pulls the strings. Doesn’t matter too much what we do – she’s got the upper hand. The extremes of weather we have seen this year has been nothing short of amazing. Scary, but amazing the power out there.

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