Streaming towards freedom

shifting sheep

shifting sheep

Today we’re going to be drafting off a heap of lambs to go to market. Last week we weighed them all up, so we knew how many we had to send and our stock agent could organise a truck.

Prime lambs are one of the main enterprises in our business. Both Anthony and I love working with stock, as does Shaun, our wonderful workman. We love seeing the lambs come through in beautiful condition.

We also run a White Suffolk sheep stud. So we use our own rams to breed these prime lambs. When the lambs fit the specifications for Woolies or Coles, we know the genetics were are using through our sheep, are working and gives us a great deal of pleasure.

There is something spectacular about working a huge mob of sheep. There are nearly 3,000 ewes and lambs in this mob, that are streaming there way towards freedom, in this photo!

There is a fence on side of them and about three hundred acres of bush where I’m standing in this video. They could make a run for it, if they wanted, but our amazing kelpies hold them away from the bush and encourage them up the hill, to the new paddock and fresh pastures.

It’s days like these that make me love what I do.

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