Sunsets galore and Silver Gums!

Sunset on the farm

We’ve been having gorgeous sunsets over the last week or so. Spring tends to throw breath taking weather events at us, including these amazing, nightly spectaculars. I love it when I’ve got time to stop and look at them.


And between trying to get Silver Gums finished and a few family things, stopping and looking, hasn’t been an option until the weekend!

After this display on Sunday night, I bet you want to visit don’t you?!

Wally and me


It was lovely just to chill for half an hour with the family (which includes dogs!), have a glass of wine and reconnect with nature.

Happy dog!


Of course, you can see from this photo, I’m not the only one who is rather tired, at the moment!

But I’m happy to report lamb marking is finished! We marked 130%, which works out at about 8,500 lambs! No wonder we were all getting  a bit sick of it, by the end.

Silver Gums has gone to publishers and now I’m waiting for the edits to come back. My agent says it’s the best book I’ve written so far, in career and I can only hope you guys feel the same, when it comes out. Because no matter what the ‘Industry’ says, it’s you guys who are the most important part of the chain!

Crimson Dawn, which is my next book, has been started, so the down-time hasn’t lasted too long!

A Crimson Dawn


I wonder if there will be any chance of Allen and Unwin using one of my ‘crimson dawn’ photos for the book cover!

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  1. Well Fleur, love that Crimson Dawn is in progress and that soonish Silver Gums will be on my coffee table… But in the mean time I am loving you sharing sunsets and other things in your life with us…

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