That crazy time…


That crazy time of the year in between Christmas and New year, when no-one seems to know what day it is, has past us by once again!

I’ve got admit I love that time of year because it’s the one time I can read and relax without feeling guilty – like I should be working or running the kids here and there.

After a crazy busy 2016 I took full advantage of the time off. Reading, sleeping, adventuring and tennis-ing… Is that a word? Oh well, who cares, that’s what I was doing! (Although I did have to complete the edits of The Missing Pieces of Us that turned up while I was at the tennis!)

I really enjoyed Virginia Lloyd‘s book; The Young Widow’s Book of Home Improvement. It was, as it says on the cover; ‘deeply moving and unflinchingly honest.’ I kept the tissues close by, as I was reading.


Southern Ruby was a favourite too. I had to pinch myself because after twenty years of summer’s meaning nothing but dust, checking waters, pre-testing ewes and feeding stock, I was now lying in a hammock, next to my very own pool, reading. Can I assure you, that was nothing but bliss. (Although I do have to say, going through a divorce to achieve this is NOT ideal.)


New Year saw fireworks on the foreshore of Esperance, with friends… The Rotary Club of Esperance Bay, which I’m a member of, put these on. It has become a great part of Esperance tradition in the few short years its been running. A family friendly afternoon, full of street markets, food stalls and children’s entertainment, then later, as the sun sinks slow the horizon for the last time, that year, a burster of fireworks.


Rochelle and I decided it was time to explore some of Esperance’s wonders we hadn’t been to. We have our very own Stonehenge in Esperance. Read all about it here. If you ever come to Esperance it’s a must-visit.

Then we took a trip to Perth to The Hopman Cup. Roger Federer was playing. Now THIS is a warm (and the weather was stinking hot!) Perth welcome for the Fed. I admit I got goosebumps when he came out and started to wave. Mum, Dad, my friend Robyn, Rochelle and I loved these matches. We think we might make it a family/friend tradition!

If you visit my blog often you’ll know I have a friend who has Clydesdales. Emma, from Colonial Clydesdales, often takes her horses to the beach for a swim. Sam and Jimmy were the lucky ones this time and, although I’m pretty sure Sam was going to sleep all afternoon when he got home, (he’s the one with the very droopy head!) they both (actually we all had) the best fun!


Jimmy, the one with his ears back, hadn’t been to the beach for a couple of years, so Em was expecting he might be a but jumpy. He wasn’t – he was so beautifully behaved. Although he did take a couple second glances at a couple of boats that went by!

Anyway, today I know it’s Tuesday. Today I know I have to work and so I’m back at the computer, looking longingly at the beautiful sunshine outside, writing Turquoise Waters. Herein starts 2017, another two-book year! What does your 2017 hold?

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  1. At the moment I’m doing a final edit of my manuscript ‘Tears of the Innocent’ and hope to get it published. Visiting family in Mandurah, enjoying my young grandsons till February. Have to squeeze in computer time when I can.
    Live in a motorhome, which is currently in NSW. When home I stop and write where-ever. I love travelling and place is important to my writing. This year also doing a cruise from Sydney to NZ, Tahiti and Hawaii.
    Writing wise: into writing the sequel this month. Plus editing another manuscript.
    Your work is inspiring and I like reading your books, and a number of other Aussie authors, but I will leave reading new ones until cruise time.
    Will go to a few writer workshops at NSW Writing Centre Rozelle. Did a couple w/shops last year with Kate Forsyth, Candice Fox and Dianne Blackmore. All great Aussie authors and inspiring to new writers.
    Planning another trip to WA mid-year. Best wishes to all those writing out there. Enjoy.

    1. Post

      Hi Anne-Marie, that sounds like you’re going to be very busy! Good luck with the writing and finding a publisher. It’s a tricky job!

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