The 2011 Condingup Community Fair

Every year at this time, our local school holds a large fundraiser.  I’ve spoken about the Condingup Community Fair before – a great fun day had by all.

Last year, we launched Blue Skies there, this year, I’ll be signing books and next year, I’ll be lauching Purple Roads there.

There’s going to be jewelry, camping, art, scrap booking  and honey exhibits, just to name a few. Outside on show, there’s sheep, wool, machinery and many more.

There’s the vegie competition, wall climbing, tractor pull, dog high jump and camp drafting, not to mention a bar.

I’ll be in the basketball stadium, signing books, so, on Saturday, the 26th March, I hope you can make the trip out from town and enjoy a wonderful day the Condingup Community really enjoys putting on.

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