The Bushfires

I’ve been trying to find the words to express my horror and sympathy but I’ve come to the conclusion that words just don’t cut it this time.

Its the hugs, listening ears and donations of basic essentials that is gong to give more to these grief-stricken people, who have will be shell-shocked for months and years to come. This is a horror that won’t fade easily from their minds.

I’ve listened to the reports of lives lost, devastation and destruction with tears streaming down my face. The basic fact is that lives shouldn’t be lost in these sort of fires.

These sort of fires shouldn’t ever happen in Australia, or anywhere in the world. Bushfires are a part of life in Australia — hell, I’ve lived through some horrible ones in both SA and WA, but for someone to deliberately light a match or throw cigarette butt out a window and watch it start to burn bush, well, that defies description.

My heart goes out to all people who have lost loved ones, houses, stock and property. I pray that at some stage you will find peace again.

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