The Condy Fair is on again!

Well next Saturday is the Condingup Community Fair, aka the Condy Fair!

It’s always such a fantastic day – we have a hard working committee that makes sure that it goes off without a hitch and that there are many exciting and fun things happening.

Because the fair is held to raise money for our local school there is a huge focus on kids and families, which makes the day even more special.

This year there’s all the regulars like the Apex train, show bags, Doopa Dog, and a merry-go-round, but there is a new display! Amberland Inflatable is coming – it’s a monster of a blow-up castle! It has slides, tunnels and all sorts of things the kids will love.

The Town band is coming to serenade us, along with a Fashion Parade, by Shajo and Sass n Shique and of course, the very popular Dog High jump – as you can see from these photos, Doopa really hasn’t got much change of getting over!

The Vegie competition, that was held for the first time, last year, has caused a rivalry between many families and not to be missed.

The bar will be open in the afternoon and we are also very lucky to have Vince Garreffa – ‘The Prince of Flesh’ celebrity butcher, coming down from Perth! He’ll be demonstrating how to get specialty cuts of lamb and hold a sausage making workshop!

Of course, I’ll be there, launching Blue Skies – there is a couple of signings. One at 12:00 – 12:30pm and then again from 2:00 – 2:30pm, with a short talk at 1:45pm.

We are really hoping to see many of you at our fair.

On a house-keeping note – the winners need to be announced! Now as Nyssa said, we had a couple of mishaps with some disappearing comments, but they have all been recovered and Rochelle pulled two names out of the cake tin – we thought we’d give away two because it went on for longer than we planned! So, Carol and Rebecca are the winners of the Blue Skies giveaway and Maree is the winner of Helene Young’s Border Watch.

I’ll be giving another copy of Blue Skies this week when I’m blogging over at Lisa Heike’s blog! Will let you know when that’s on!

Can’t wait to meet a few of you at the fair this year!

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  1. Hey Fleur! I’ve just finished reading Blue Skies and I absolutely loved it!! I have no idea what you’re fretting about! It’s an awesome book with lots of intrigue and mystery to keep one on the edge right to the very end!! You are an awesome author and I can’t wait for the next book. See you at the Fair where I know I’ll sell my 200 copies…….

    Joy Tucker – Le Grand Bookshop, Esperance.

  2. Hi Fleur

    Congratulations on the launch of your book, particularly at the Condy Fair! I’ve read the first two chapters and am hooked! Keep up the great work.


    Lorie Brink

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