The countdown begins!

Crimson Dawn by Fleur McDonald

Crimson Dawn by Fleur McDonald

The 1st of March is always an exciting day – not only is it my daughter’s birthday, it usually means there’s 28 days until my next book is out.

It’s the same this year. 28 days until the launch, although this time, Crimson Dawn isn’t officially due out until the 1st of April. However it always seems to sneak onto the shelves sooner, in some bookstores.

You an officially pre-order both the eBook or paperback copy from any bookstore and online websites now.

In case you don’t follow my Facebook page, we’ve got #crimsondawn day happening once a week. Little snippets from the book, has been matched up with some of my photos – here’s an example:

Crimson Dawn Extract

Crimson Dawn Extract



Now if you’d like to see where I’m touring click here and if you haven’t read the blurb, go here.

We’ve also got THE best theme for this weekend, happening over at Outback Paparazzi. It’s a #bushbloke theme. We’re sharing our guys and want to see yours! So head on over and get uploading.

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