The dawn of a new book

Morning glory

Morning glory

Today starts the dawn of a new book. Which seems crazy because I’m still doing publicity for Crimson Dawn!

It’s fun and daunting all at the same time. Sitting down and staring at a blank screen is the scary bit. Having my imagination running amok with characters, plots and exciting things, is the extremely fun bit!

Look out for a Facebook/Twitter competition I’m holding next week in relation to naming a character.

You know, I can’t write a book unless I have a title. I was going to be using a title of Indigo Storm, but I’m not now. That book is going to wait until next time. So, have a guess at what colour I’m going to use this time… Any guesses?

Now, just back on the publicity for Crimson Dawn… One of the things I was SO privileged to be able to do, when I went to Sydney, was head over to Booktopia and chat with John Purcell. John and I have a Twitter friendship and it was lovely to meet him ‘in real life’.

Here’s my interview with John – we chat about all sorts of things! You’ll just need to click on the link below, scroll down and chose the Youtube video with my ugly mug on it! Hope you enjoy.

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