The day after and a heartfelt thank you

The Silver Clouds launch at the Condingup Community Fair

The Silver Clouds launch at the Condingup Community Fair

The day after a book launch is one the same feeling I have after we’ve had a ram or bull sale. I wake up, sort of feeling like I have a hang over. (No I’m not doing a Tessa, it’s an emotional hangover.)

So much work and energy goes in to getting to the point of sitting down to sign books, the same way as so much effort, genetics, feeding and handling go into to preparing bulls or rams for auction.

We had a lovely day at the Condingup Community Fair, yesterday. The weather was incredible and think we had more people out there than I’d seen in a few years. I signed lots of Silver Clouds and talked to heaps of people – some I hadn’t seen since the Purple Roads signing and I was so grateful they thought it was worth coming out to Condy again, to get Silver Clouds.

However, I was well and truly ready for home, but the time we packed up all the books and drove out of the footy ground.  It’s always a bit confronting for this chick who talks to cows and sheep, more than humans, to be in the limelight for too long. I’m pretty sure, looking at daughter number 1’s face, she was as well) bit worse for wear after not putting on any sunscreen, even though I’d asked her to!) and son number one was ready to head home and fly his newly acquired bat kite.

Today, sitting in the shade of a beautiful gum tree, and smelling wood smoke and BBQ smells on the breeze, I’m reflecting on how lucky I am.

BBQ on a beautiful Sunday

BBQ on a beautiful Sunday

I started my life known as ‘John Parnell’s daughter’. Nothing wrong with that. I’m exceptionally proud to be his daughter.

I graduated to being Anthony McDonald’s wife. Nothing wrong with that either. I wouldn’t want to anywhere else other than along side The Boss.

But this writing caper is so very special to me. It’s the one thing I’ve managed to achieve by myself. Sure, I have two very important people who read what I write and give me feedback – they both know who they are – and I couldn’t do without either of them. But no one influenced my publishers to offer me a contract. They did that purely on my writing.

I am so grateful to all of you who buy my books and enjoy them. You are the reason, this treasured part of my life, is able to continue. So thank you.

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  1. Congratulations Fleur and thank you for another great, hard to put down Aussie book!
    After you have a ‘rest’ please keep writing as you are getting better & better!!

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