The different sounds of rain

I was lying in bed on Saturday night, listening to the sound of rain on the roof. There is no better sound to a farmer. It’s music.

That night it was really windy too, and there were times I had to lift my head off the pillow and listen hard to work out whether the sound I could hear was rain. Or was it wind?

Then Kate Miller-Heidke’s song ‘Share Your Air‘ popped into my mind. (I love this song!)

“But nothing feels at all the same
The old piano or the sound of rain”

Rain is rain, right? The sound of it.

Not really. There’s a few types.


There’s the misty type that you can really on hear when it’s starts dripping from the gutters, or it makes the water run down the downpipes… Or you go out in it.


There’s the rain that’s a bit heavier, but not the bucketing down type – sounds a little like rice being thrown on to your roof.

There’s the type that roars up from the coast just RAINS! You can tell the drops are close together and they sound a little bit like heavy fifty cent pieces being hurled down from the sky.

And then there’s the summer rains. One drop. Pause. Two drops. Plop, plop plop. Big drops but they fall a lot further apart than the winter rains.

Now I’m sure all this sounds slightly weird, but next time it rains, have a listen. Shut your eyes and really listen to it. See what images jump into your mind.

rain2Of course, at the end of it all, there is always a beautiful rainbow. Sometimes we see it and get to capture it!


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  1. We’re in our own drought here in California; fortunately I’m not a farmer or a rancher and will divert the water from the washing machine into the yard instead of using potable water from the hose to keep it green during our prolonged dry season. I strongly object to cities in the desert like Las Vegas and acre after acre of golf course being maintained despite the reservoirs being closed to recreational use as they are so low.

    So glad you are seeing some moisture in your part of the world; you have suffered more than most it seems from my perspective. May the clouds continue to bless you with their life-giving bounty.

  2. The sound of rain (Rainy season} in our country (Bangladesh) season of poet and i love laying in bed come good sleep or good feeling .

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