The dreaded Christmas card


Are you a Christmas card sender?

I used to be. I’m not any more. Well, actually, that’s not quite true. I start with every good intention. For example, I actually buy the Christmas cards. Usually in about October. To give myself plenty of time.

And I usually cart them in my handbag, so I can scribble out my Christmas greetings, if I find I’m sitting behind a mob of sheep or waiting for an appointment. (I can’t stand just sitting and waiting for things to happen, so I always have something to do in my handbag!)

Mostly I get a couple written. But not the rest, so how can I send TWO cards and not the others? What if the two people I managed to send the cards to, talked to other “five hundred” in my address book and got their nose out of joint because they didn’t get one? Gah! Imagine the OUTCRY! (And really, how could I send the two that I discover in about January, at the bottom of my handbag, when I give it its annual clean out. They’re usually pretty tatty by then…)

What about ‘The Christmas Letter’? I used to love sending one in the cards, telling the tales of my kids antics over the year. I made it pretty short, mind you, because not everyone is as interested in my kids as I am.

I’ve been to houses where there are literally hundreds of cards covering the bookshelves. It’s almost the cards are a decoration themselves!

Sadly, I’ve found that as my busyness as increased and my Christmas card sending has decreased, so has my Christmas card recivial rate. Hmm. I probably should do something about this, because I love hearing from people at Christmas time.

So here is the question. Are you a sender of cards? If so do you send a letter? Or are you the ‘Happy Christmas, have a great new year, love xxx’ type?


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  1. I used to send christmas cards religiously, then one year I just stopped. What’s the worst that can happen, I thought? Felt terrible at first because I got all these cards from others. But SUCH a relief to be free of the chore. And you’re right, when you stop sending them, you stop getting them. Perfect!

  2. I still send to most people, but cover myself by sending a e.card via Jacquie Lawson Cards, to all facebook friends or e.mail them to other friends. Merry Christimas Pauline
    PS Looking forward to your book!

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