The dreaded post-Christmas de-tox


I’ve alway thought of myself as reasonably strong.

I’m pretty pig-headed, can be opinionated, (but usually only in my head. Even though I have them, I don’t often say them out-loud) and if I put my mind to something, I’m not usually dissuaded. Stubborn.

(Our kids have a double cross of it, because The Boss is more pig-headed and stubborn than, but that’s by the by!)

However, it appears I’ve met my match!

The dreaded post-Christmas de-tox, should have started by now. I should be eating fresh fruit, copious amounts of salad and veggies, drinking water instead of wine.

The kilos piled on over Christmas, (and if I’m truthful, most of last year!) should now be melting away. I should be walking, sweating with Michelle Bridges (does she ever sweat, though?) and feeling energised.

This is all in my dreams.

I keep planning to start; tell myself ‘today is the day”. Yelling silently at my weakness, when I drag myself out of bed feeling like death warmed up, because I’ve had one (or three) too many glasses of wine the night before. (Whines *but it tasted so good and it was hot and we were sitting outside, relaxing*).

Yeah, yeah. Excuses.

I’m still making garlic bread and potato bake, full of bacon and cream (with salad, of course) because it’s YUMMY and of course there are still many, many packets of chocolates which were brought as gifts, to eat. I just CAN’T let them go stale!

More excuses!

I’m turning the big FOUR OH, this year. And apparently, according to friends who have already passed this milestone, I need to get the weight off now and keep it off, or it’s too hard to shift.

I’m gonna have to put this pig-headness and stubbornness back to work. Does anyone want to join me? Anyone?


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  1. It is very hard to tackle any physical problem in this extreme heat, but I’m sure your strong mindedness will help you through when you are ready.
    Don’t keep beating up on yourself, or give yourself deadlines, just drink lots of water, and enjoy life with your family.
    At 40 you will still be a spring chicken….. I am 72 and still feel 40 in the head, but wish my weight was the only health problem I had to worry about. ….My advice to you is that you are in your prime, thin or not so enjoy it dear girl.
    Best wishes
    Maureen Campbell

  2. I am trying to stay on that horse especially as my eating habits were not so good all of last year, a lot of binge eating. I’ve pulled out the walking shoes and have managed to go every day this week. Starting is the hardest but I am glad I have even though the last thing I wanted to do this morning was walk … too tired from my night job and early morning combined but you know I just went any way … it was more of a dawdle than anything but it was better than nothing. Get on the horse … you’ll feel good. I know those Christmas present chocolates are hard to resist oops I opened some, damn not I have to finish them argh 🙁

  3. Hi Fleur! I’ve been doing 5:2 intermittent fasting now for two months, and have lost 6 kilos. The general idea is that for 2 non-consecutive days out of 7, you limit your calorie intake to about 1/4 of the recommended amount – which for most women is around 2000 calories per day. so on a fast day you only have 500. On the other 5 days, you can eat normally. There’s a fair amount of science behind the idea of intermittent fasting; it doesn’t just burn fat, but resets the metabolism and aids proper insulin activity. I’m finding that fast days aren’t too difficult; I just leave it as long as I can until I have a cup of tea, and then have several small meals/snacks throughout the remainder of the day. I have the book, which explains the science and provides a range of recipes, but there’s basic information on the website:

    1. Post

      Hey Bron, I hope you’re well? Thanks for the info – I had seen you mentioning this on FB recently and wondered about it. Will check it out. Fleur

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