The Fickle Finger of Fate!

Let sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie

So it’s been about three weeks since the header or tractor or chaser bin turned a wheel. It’s also been that amount of time since the auger has gone. For those of you who aren’t sure what that means, it equates to  NO HARVEST! Can’t begin to tell you how frustrating that is! *run around like a mad woman and pulls at her hair*

The dogs don’t mind – they just find themselves a slither of sun and go to sleep. It’s their holiday time!

Getting ewes into the yards

Getting ewes into the yards

Anyway, once we thought we’d use the time wisely and start a bit of stock work. These girls are having the rams pulled out – no more nooky for another year, for them!

Not a bad view either, the dark clouds against the vibrant orange of the Munji trees.

My 'other' sheep dog.
Rocket is my ‘other’ sheep dog – if you ask him, he’s actually the ONLY one… He is, unfortunately, mistaken! He helped me get the ewes in. 

Miss Meita is always hard to hold back!Then it was Miss Meita’s turn. This mob were taken to the yards and their lambs weaned, drenched and taken to ‘greener pastures’ (of which there are plenty after nearly an inch of rain this week).

Very annoying cow

Very annoying cow

Then today, I swapped from sheep to cattle work. I had planned on taking them to the yards and weaning the calves. However, this old ‘cow’ had other plans. She walked into the water and stayed there. No amount of yelling, walking through the water or putting the dogs on to her, would help. In fact when I walked out into the middle with her, she turned around and charged me. I was really pleased when the mud didn’t suck my feet in and I was able to actually run away. (Very brave I know. However, I also know when to run and when to hold my ground. This was running time).

So, Wezel-the-dog and I decided we would wait for higher authority (namely the Boss) to come and help.

I must say, however, the hold up in harvest has been very good for my edits and for the first time while writing Crimson Dawn, I have actually returned the manuscript before the deadline!

The weather forecast is looking pretty good for the next week (of course, why wouldn’t it? My parents are coming for their Christmas visit!) so we should be able to continue harvest then.

One thing being on the land teaches you, is Murphy’s Law comes to visit when you least expect it!


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