The first signs of summer

Yesterday was a shocker of day. The wind blew hard from the north and it was above 35 degrees. I was really pleased that I chose yesterday to head to town and do the shopping! (Nothing like air conditioned shops and ice cream!)

There was a forecast for thunder storms in the evening and that worried us. Last year was terrible for dry storms. I can remember looking out of the window, watching as the lightening hit the ground 360 degrees around us.

It is actually quite frightening, because you never know when it’s your turn to get hit and with a huge granite hill in our back yard, you would think that we’d be sitting ducks!

It’s the dry grass, crisp stubbles and kindling throughout the bush that allows it to light up, the second that the bush is hit.

Thankfully, this is how the evening ended, not the way we thought it might!

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