The glory of evening

A June Sunset


June has been a wonderfully wet month and a very busy one! We were screaming for rain in the first week, but slowly Mother nature built her Cold Front’s a sent them one by one, week by week and let the clouds do their job.

Rain it did – the second week of June we had nearly 40mm and everyone started to smile – it was the first proper cold front we had had in a few years, so we are hopeful that it will continue to be a ‘wet one’ and fill the dams to overflowing.

June is also the month we get in and mark as many mobs of lambs as we can, so many a day has been spent around the cradle. Often the biting winds cause us to wear a beanie and if you’ve ever seen me in one, you’ll know its a laugh-worthy sight!

Due to the dry beginning of the winter season, we decided to wean a couple of mobs of lambs early and sell the ewes. The last couple of days we’ve been driving truckloads of lambs in between farms, to the oats crop we planted just for feed. The babies won’t miss their mums when they have acres and acres of sweet oats in front of them. Although, as a mum, weaning always tugs at my heart strings, when you hear the woeful baa-ing of ewe and lamb as they are separated. (And that’s after nearly twenty years in the stock industry!)

The sixth month is the month I ALWAYS, without FAIL, get sick! I don’t get sick often and neither does the boss, but when we do, we do it well and go out in sympathy with one another! So that leaves the kids to get their own lunches for school (it’s good training!!) and they learn to tiptoe around and not wake mum and dad, when they’ve been awake most of the night, either with temperatures or vomiting!

Thankfully we are all well now and the mind is ticking again, over Silver Gums. Last night, we sat outside for the first time in a long time and had a glass of wine and beer. A lovely sunset and a green farm. There’s not much better.

How’s your June been?

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