The good, the bad and the ugly!


Some days I have great days with my writing. Everything flows easily, the story unfolds perfectly… and then there are the days when nothing works and my sentences look like they’ve been constructed by a six-year-old, not someone who loves to write.

Today is one of those days. See the red scrawls? They indicates that the latest efforts have been crap and I have to have another go! Back to the drawing board!

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  1. Haa haa that looks like mine also, scribble squished into the gaps. Keep at it Fleur, im sure they are not as bad as you think!! x

  2. Fleur, I think the red scrawls mean you are working at your craft of writing, not that they were ‘crap’. It’s good that you self-edit and revise so much, not bad. I’m intrigued that, like me, there is a point where there is no substitute for the printed page. I revise constantly on screen, a word here or there, but for the big picture, the overview, in the end you have to be able to lay those pages out!
    Happy writing!

  3. Hi Sharyn, yes the only way I can do a proper edit is on a print out! I’m the same, can do so much on the screen, then I hit the print button! What’s your next project?

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