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April will see the release of the second Detective Dave Burrows book WITHOUT A DOUBT.

To celebrate, in May, I’m hitting the road with my ute and maybe my dog and coming to a town near you.

If you are in WA, and you’d like me to visit, then please contact Isabelle O’Brien at Allen and Unwin and we’ll see what we can organise.

And if you’re in other states, don’t worry! I’ll be visiting in SA in November for the same tour and then Victoria and Queensland in 2020. Yes! We have long term plans!

Now, if you would like to preorder WITHOUT A DOUBT, you can do so by clicking here. 

And here’s the Blurb:

‘The entrance to Nundrew was like any country town Dave had ever been to. He revved the engine of the bike and upped his speed. That should get the attention of a few people as he flew down the main street.’

Detective Dave Burrows had never even heard of Nundrew in Queensland before. He’d certainly never have guessed that this was where he’d be risking his life. 

In Barrabine, as Dave’s workload skyrockets, Melinda, Dave’s wife, is unhappy about being left alone so much to raise their eighteen-month-old daughter. It’s not how Dave wants it either, but crimes still have to be investigated – it’s what he joined the force for – and he’s the only one able to do it.

Melinda’s interfering father isn’t helping. He’s never thought that Dave is right for his daughter and he’s not shy about telling Dave what he’s doing wrong. When things come to a head at home, Dave’s policing mate, Spencer, comes up with a plan.

In the most dangerous mission of his life, Dave knows what he’s risking. If he’s found out, he’ll never see Melinda or Bec again. Of that he’s sure.

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  1. Okay first off I love your books and the question I’m dying to know is, is detective Dave Burrows real character and if so why did you decide to put him in your books

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