The hardest part is done!


I’m feeling wonderfully relieved! The Blue Skies manuscript is winging its way to Sydney, via the internet! And earlier than my deadline – which I’m really happy about!

I finished the final touches and now its a waiting game to see if Louise, my publisher, likes it (that’s always really nerve wracking!), then its onto the first edit done by freelance editor, Ali Lavau, and Siobhan, my A&U editor!

Over the next three months, I’ll be listening to what Ali and Siobhan have to say, looking at all the changes they’ve made and adding my own thoughts and changes.

The publication date for Blue Skies is set for April 2010, not May like I thought and its going to print in January 2010! It all seems so fast after Red Dust taking ages to get onto the shelves!

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