The ‘Joys’ of Farming!


There’s always something to do on a farm and we’ve been picking rocks recently.

This paddock is going to be seeded to oats, when we get our opening rains. As you can see, it’s pretty dry here at the moment but we’re hoping for rain so we can get this crop and make our hay.

Paddocks that you are going to make hay in, need to be really clean–no rocks, stumps, old fence posts or anything like that because if you hit something, you’ll damage your mower or baler. It’s expensive to fix these machines!

Anthony and I have been out with the wheel barrow, bucket and front end loader, to pick this row of rocks that should have been done ages ago. Even though these jobs aren’t a lot of fun, it can be made that way with dog’s sniffing around, Anthony and I yarning to each other and just enjoying the fact that we’re outside on our place.

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  1. Just what we have been doing here too! Only I have brought my big limestone rocks back to the garden and put them around the edge of Will’s plum tree. Will take a photo and stick it on my blog. He is home for the weekend so he can help me pick some more. Oh, joy!……not!

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