The Mid North Roads!

This creek crossing is really important to me know. Do you know the feeling of being away for a long period of time and as you’re heading home, you get to a point, you just know that you’re there – that you’re where your soul belongs?

Well, this is one of my places, that I feel that; Eurielpa Creek. I cross this creek, just before I turn into the driveway of Mum and Dad’s station in the Mid North of SA.

I have the same feeling when I see Dad’s plane coming into land at Esperance, or see a car I know carrying people I love and who I haven’t seen for a long time. It’s the emotion of familiarity, love and many other sentiments.

But it’s these roads and the colour of them, which make them so different to anywhere else that I’ve travelled. I was told when I was younger (and I hope that I’m not being gullible!) that the colours of the roads are due to the amount of ochre in the land. Now, in this particular picture, the roads don’t look that purple… but once they’re wet, they do.

The little soft pebbles that line the bed of the creek, are also purple and when used as a pen, write in purple!

The day of the Red Dust launch, there were a few of us sitting around the table having a coffee talking about the titles of my books, and how we were using a colour theme through them. Mum brought up the colour of the roads and Carolyn and I looked at each other and just said: ‘Purple Roads!’  Hence, the name for my new book.

*this photo was taken by Anne-Marie Ladegaard

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  1. The setting for your new book looks amazing, Fleur. When do we get to find out more about ‘Purple Roads’? Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Hi Carly, well I’m writing Purple Roads at the moment (there is a few blogs under the category of Purple Roads, where you can read about the writing process.) There will be more info coming late next year as it’s due at the publishers in July 2011. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Hi Fleur

    Let me begin by saying how much I love your writing. It has been an inspiration! Thank you.

    I have just been hired by Penguin and it is absolutely a dream come true for a first time author. My passion lays with the Australian country life, very similar to yours, so hopefully in the future you will get to enjoy one of my books when they hit the shelves next year.

    Mandy Magro

  4. Lovely to read about what lead you to the title of ‘Purple Roads’ and also reminding me of that lovely afternoon with your folks at Glenroy Estate. 🙂 SUch a beautiful place – I just love the huge gum trees. Maybe I can find a photo of a nice big Silver Gum among the photos I took that day… ;o)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xx

  5. Congratulations Mandy! I’m really excited for you! I’m honoured to think that my writing may have inspired you in some way. To get a publishing contract is THE most amazing feeling. Well done. Look forward to reading your book.

    Anne-Marie, would love a Silver Gums photo…!

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