Do you know it’s been eight years since my first novel, Red Dust has been published? In that time, that little book, which I wrote on a whim and prayer has sold over 60,000 copies!

Since then I’ve written eight Rural Lit books – all of which have become best sellers, thanks to you all and a children’s book. (If you haven’t read them, you can check them out here, or buy from my shop.) I wouldn’t still be writing if it wasn’t for the fact you guys buy my books and enjoy them. I can’t tell you how humbling that is.

You know, eight books in, I still keep thinking I’ll get caught out and someone will tell me I can’t write!

In April, I’m branching out into General Women’s Fiction, with The Missing Pieces of Us. It’s been so much fun to write this story about Lauren, her daughter Skye and Tamara. All women who face serious challenges in their lives.

To offer my heartfelt thanks to you all, I have sixteen copies of The Missing Pieces of Us to giveaway. Two for every previous book. All you have to do, is share this post, sign up for my newsletter, which is in the bar and leave the answer to this question below.

Who is my favourite character to write and why has he shown up in a few previous books?

About The Missing Pieces of Us:

Sometimes you have to resolve the past before you can face the future. The moving and heart-warming new novel from Fleur McDonald.

Lauren Ramsey is a teacher whose mantra is to never let a child fall through the cracks. But Lauren is so concerned about the welfare of a little boy in her kindy class she doesn’t realise her own daughter, Skye, needs help.

At fourteen, Skye Ramsey is dealing with the usual pressures faced by teenage girls, from the pitfalls of social media to coping with fickle friends and the attention of boys. The only person who seems to listen to Skye is Tamara Thompson, the manager of her favourite clothes shop.

Tamara knows what it’s like to be a troubled teen: as an adolescent she felt unloved and overlooked. She now has a successful career and a partner who adores her, but her sense of worthlessness and fear of rejection are threatening to overwhelm her.

All three women are searching for a happier future, but finding it may lie in resolving secrets from their pasts . . .

From the bestselling author of Red Dust and Crimson Dawn comes a moving and intriguing novel about love, friendship and how the truth can sometimes set us free.

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  1. Detective Dave Burrows is your favourite character. He shows up in your novels because you love writing about him and find it interesting what adventures and investigations he will become involved in.

  2. It has to be Dave Cummins. I keep picking up your books and thinking ‘wasn’t he in the last book’ Maybe I shouldn’t read them all in a row but they were great

  3. Detective Dave Burrows…. (not forgetting his wife Kim, I love her too). He was in your first book Red Dust and has been in your most of your recent novels. I personally love reoccurring characters in novels.

  4. Dave Burrows because you love reading crime stories. You would be a great match for my almost 12yr old daughter she loves crime stories. However I prefer the rural lit.

  5. Detective David Burrows was in Red Dust and I have just started Emerald Springs and love that he is back. I especially enjoyed Sapphire Falls and the way you portrayed the Detective’s investigation skills.

  6. Dave burrows, because he is such a interesting character solving rural crimes. It’s great having a reoccurring character and following their story

  7. Dave Burrows is your favourite character who keeps popping up in your books. I also love reading Crime especially those written by Australian authors.

  8. Detective Dave Burrows is your favourite character to write about & he is one of my favs too! I love hearing the next little snippet of his life!

  9. Detective Dave Burrows because as you’ve stated, “It’s no secret [you] love reading crime… Burrows has grown to be one of [your] favourite characters to write and although he’s never the main one, he’s certainly pretty up there.”

  10. Detective Dave Burrows, he’s a caring Detective especially the way he was concerned about Kim’s health in Sapphire Falls which I enjoyed like your other books

  11. I have just finished reading ” The missing pieces of us” and I found it very moving and inspirational !
    I loved Lauren because she was so strong and caring ( but I also loved Skye and Tamara)

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