The old and the new


Today was a very exciting day! Our brand new toy, a John Deere tractor, was delivered.

Tractors are such a huge part of our farming life – I think, either Anthony, I or our workman, are in one every day! If we’re not feeding hay with it, we’re spraying, seeding, pulling the chaser bin, carting gravel, the list goes on.

Our old chamberlain tractor, (nicknamed, Charlie Chamberlain) was Anthony’s dads first ever tractor, and we inherited it, when he died. Even though it’s as old as the hills, drafty and hasn’t got a radio (gasp!) or air con/heater (double gasp!), it still runs as smoothly as the day it was bought, but it’s time to up-grade!

We now have a fleet of three John Deere tractors – that means Anthony, our workman and I have one each… and the kids get to have Charlie! I’m sure there will be arguments between Anthony and Jayden about who gets to drive the new one – I’m actually just happy on our old one, that isn’t controlled by a computer!

We now joke that old Charlie might be designated to our kids, first car! I’m waiting to until Hayden is sixteen to actually gauge his real response. At the moment he thinks it’s a cool idea!

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