The perfect Christmas present

The perfect Christmas present all the way from London


Sometime people get Christmas presents just right.

My brother and his wife has just returned from about six months overseas and they did their Christmas shopping at Harrods of all places!

Anyone who knows me well knows I panic easily – at the drop of a hat really and I turn molehills into mountains most days.

That’s why this pannakin is perfect for me! And the fact it’s made of enamel and won’t break when I’ve got it in the ute with me.

There is a bit of a story behind the tag line on here too. In 1939 Britain was on the brink of war and the British government commissioned a series of propaganda posters. The crown of King George VI was used as a visual along with this simple slogan, although this particular slogan was never officially released. A crumbled poster was found by chance in amongst a pile of old, dusty books in a bookstore (see? Relates to me again!) in Northumberland.

As the tag attached to cup (where I got this history lesson) says, ‘its simple saying is as relevant today as it was in the 1930s!’

Did you get your perfect Christmas present this year? And what was, or would, it be?

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  1. My perfect Christmas present will be a little late, the perfect present will be a copy of Purple Roads, to go along with the Red Dust and Blue Skies I already have

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