The Red Dust Setting

Going ‘back home’ is always great fun. I miss the huge trees and deep creek lines that cris-cross the countryside, the red dirt and funny purply coloured roads that I was thought were normal until I left the mid-north of SA!
In April, Rochelle, Hayden and I were excited to be heading home for my Dad’s 60th. Anthony was frantic with heifers calving and that’s the price farming families pay — animals don’t wait and need to be looked after no matter what! What a privilege!
It was a huge country bash with friends that we hadn’t seen in years, family we hadn’t seen months and people we’d seen yesterday!

So many people came to wish Dad well, said wonderful things about a man whose integrity, honesty and business reputation goes before him.
It was also a great time to re-immerse myself in the land that Red Dust was written about. These photos are taken around the mid-north area and the I hope the starkness of the countryside is revealed in my writing. 

Of course mum and dad’s area are deep in drought and have been for many years now. But what fabulous timeless country!

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  1. Hi Fleur!
    Oh my goodness what a wonderful website!!! The things you find while searching google hey? How are you? Been busy I see???
    We are fine here in sunny Canberra, keeping out of trouble (as much as we try and find it!). Like Rochelle and Hayden, Ashleigh is growing up, she is 15 years old now and taller than me! She has a casual job in the local supermarket working in the deli that keeps her busy. I am working for a group of farmers who do lots of farm work, mainly with dozers and tractors, contracting all over th place (not WA I am afraid!), my boss reminds me so much of Anthony it’s scary!
    Anyway, congrats on a fabulous site and can’t wait to buy the book!! You should be really proud of yourself Fleur.
    Love Tracey

  2. Hi Tracey

    Great to hear from you! Yeah, we’re all pretty busy but I think that’s everyone’s life these days! Brilliant to hear about you and Ashleigh – I catch up with Chris most times I go to Perth so am kept in the loop fairly well.
    Take care and hopefully we’ll see you sometime!
    Love Fleur x

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