The scent of hay

The Esperance Show is next Friday and Saturday and without fail we are usually making hay.

Many years ago, we would be showing lambs or involved with the carcass competition (both cattle and sheep), but good quality hay is now more important that anything else. Especially when the season cuts in early like it has the last few years.

So the good ole green and gold John Deere tractors and mowers are now in the paddock cutting both oaten and pasture hay. We put our first bale out yesterday and things are looking good for many more to come. The cows are always very excited to see a full haystack at the beginning of summer!

I love the evening at this time of the year too; the warm days usually cool down at night and the colours of the crops ripening against the evening sky always fill me with wonder. It doesn’t matter how many times I see this sight, I just love it, especially when the scent of freshly mown grass wafts up to the house. I have to admit, I don’t like what I know is coming — hot weather! I’m not a summer girl.

So once the hay is made, we’ll be starting to swathe the canola, and then harvest the barley. Enough to keep us out of mischief, without the edits for Purple Roads, which I’ll have back next week, or planning for Silver Gums, which I’ve already started and am very excited about.

So if I’m quiet for a while, you’ll know why.



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