The silent, quiet deaths

I’m sitting here at my desk, completely torn.

Charlotte Dawson’s death has pierced my heart. I can’t imagine what her friends and family are feeling right now.

At the same time, I feel a little sad about all the out-pouring of grief over social media. Because she was famous her death is getting so much air play.

There are also plenty of less famous people who have struggled with depression and anxiety. People face their own types of trolls. Their own fears, terrors, decisions and circumstances. deaths are quiet.

I know that Charlotte’s friends are in a position to raise awareness of this horrible disease by speaking out loud about her death.  I’m so pleased they are because if something good has to come out of something so horrifically wretched, then let it be that.

In saying that, my thoughts continue to go back to that farmer I wrote about here (Drum Piece). His death didn’t make headlines. Neither did the other farmers or people who have died because they lost hope. Our communities tend to shy away from them; as if speaking of it out loud might tar them with the same brush.

From all media accounts, Charlotte suffered deeply. So have others – the silent deaths.

While we mourn Charlotte, please also remember the others who you haven’t heard of. Who you don’t know. Think of their families and friends.

Depression is a crippling disease. A black fog – one that I have experienced – which seems to have no door to let you escape from it.

Let’s not let another life be taken by it, if we can.

LifeLine: 131114

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

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  1. I totally agree with you Fleur. For me, not knowing Charlotte personally, I am sad for her friends and family. I feel it deeply because I have teetered on that dark lonely brink as many have. No matter how much love and support a sufferer may have, it is a very individual, and constantly tiring battle to keep that bastard black dog at bay.

  2. So very true Fleur and well written. I too had a very heavy sad heart when I heard the news about Charlotte. Coming from NZ myself I remember well the days when she was such a vibrant lovely person. To see her the victim of such awful ‘cyber bullying’ which all started after an incident in NZ., is the tip of what goes on for many victims. Some cope others do not, but I like you think of all the farmers and their families struggling – we have had two suicides ourselves, of people we know, within 2 years of lovely young vibrant people who suffered such deep depression. One tried to get help but the depression just got worse and the other, a young farm hand, 19 years of age could not cope and took his life in January.
    The mental health of the farmers and their families needs to be prioritized – I wonder if Beyond Blue have been active in the rural community? I know farmers find it hard to reach out for help – but they desperately need supporting.

  3. too true fleur! we rarely hear of the those who take their lives in normal homes, and normal lives, but what is normal theses days! There are so many people struggling and we hear constantly of those in high end careers taking their lives. Actors, singers, especially and we have had a few media representatives, but how many in our communities and around us have taken their own life and we hear not one word. What of their families and loved ones and how they are coping with such tradegy? Bullying, antisocial behaviour, murder., rape, kidnappings and one punch violations and so much more is happening daily in our very own communities, we need tougher sentences to fit the real crime. A slap on the wrist or suspended sentence isn’t a deterrent for some, I am so sick of hearing of people getting away with their crimes. Does no one have a conscience anymore, why do some feel it is ok to be a bully and make one persons life so bad, that they see no way out , other than to say goodbye to everyone they love.

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