The sky is falling…

There have been interesting happenings at the McDonald farm recently… it seems flying ‘things’ are falling out of the sky, over us.

When Skylab came down over Esperance, parts of it were found by Anthony, as a child and we often watch jets zoom across the top of us (we also know that we can see our farm on the Adelaide to Perth Qantas flight!)  so the farm must be on some sort of aerial route.

A couple of days ago I was coming in the driveway, running late as usual and perhaps going slightly too fast, when I saw a really strange white bird. It didn’t get out of the way of the car, so I swerved, stopped and went back for a look.

It was a Homing Pigeon! Having never seen one before, I was pretty interested in it, so I tried to catch it. The wayward traveler wasn’t frightened of me, but nor would it let me catch it, so I shrugged and kept on my way.

It appeared at the house, later in the afternoon and spent two days, sitting under eves of the garage. We could see a tiny green bad around its leg, but no matter how we tried, we couldn’t get hold of it. We left food and water out and, Friday afternoon, it just disappeared.

It must have been tired and needed a rest and chose our place!

Then Thursday afternoon, the kids spotted something shiny out in the paddock, but it was Saturday before we got to it – a weather balloon! We’ve had quite a few of these before, but for my weather-mad son, it just made his day!

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  1. Wow! Thats amazing… While i was at the Charleville BOM, they said its around $1000 each to send one of them of each day, but once they’ve been used there had it…Amazing stuff!

  2. My Grandparents live in Esperance and the amount of random things they often find washed up under the pier or randomly laying around is beyond belief !

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