The spirit of country towns

Recently I’ve been driving the eight hour drive to Perth, quite a lot. I’ve loved cruising through areas that I don’t often see and because I’ve done it so many times, I’ve been able to see the growth of the pastures and crops.

Canola is such a specky looking crop, isn’t it? Grown for its oil and used in things such as cooking oil, butter and many other things, the flowers and height of the crop are eye catching … although the smell is terrible (smells like someone has farted!).

Anyway, to go to Perth, I drove through Corrigin and leading into the town, is a few of these ‘monuments’ to the Dog in a ute day. An old clapped out ute, stuck in the middle of a canola paddock, is sure to turn heads and make you wonder what it’s all about!

You can’t say that people in the country are boring – we will find as many different and wacky things, to help raise money or bring attention to something (just look at the tractor pull at our community fair).

So the idea was to get as many people together with their best friends – the good ole ute and dog – and try to break the world record as well as raise funds to put back into the community.

2008 was the last time the event was held in Corrigin and although the world record wasn’t broken (I think it’s still held by Victoria) the people who attended helped raise over $80,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor and local organisations.

Nup, the bush isn’t boring when it comes to having fun or fundraising … it’s full of innovative people, with a caring spirit.

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