The start of 2012

Rochelle's yummy New Year's Eve dinner

I wrote about traditions a couple of blog posts ago and mentioned Rochelle would be cooking our New Years Eve meal. Which she did with great aplomb!

Yummy chicken drumsticks in a mustard and honey marinade and salad.

It’s pretty hard to be a great cook though, when there isn’t any power!

New Years Eve started out beautifully; calm, warm and the lamb roast cooking in the webber smelt delish. As we sat down to Rochelle’s entree, we heard the distance sound of thunder… then BANG! The lights went out.

No power, which isn’t all that unusual when you live at the end of the power line. But it’s slight awkward when you still have to serve up dinner and dessert!

As it was, we piled everything we had ready onto the plate and just ate that – there wasn’t any green involved, much to Hayden’s delight!

With the lights out and chatting done, we figured we’d best be off to bed. We had no idea if 2012 was going to start with fires started by the thunderstorms, so we’d better grab some sleep while we could.

Thunderstorm coming in over Esperance Bay on New Year's Eve day

It’s fair to say that 2012 started with a bang!

How was your New Years Eve?

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