The start of harvest

sunset over silos

Harvest is always looked forward to with a mixture of anticipation and dread – well it is by me anyway.

Anticipation because it’s our money making time. We get to see what we’ve achieved over the year, reward for the hard work, so on and so forth.

Dread, because it’s dry and hot. Long hours and lots of itchy eyes and sneezing! It can be uncomfortable. There’s dust, trucks and everyone runs at a frenetic pace.

However, there is no denying the beautiful sunsets…



We swathed our canola about two weeks ago and we put the header into the paddock two days ago.  In my hand is Stingray Canola.

I took it to CBH to have the moisture, protein and oil tested. At this stage, it’s going Canola One, which is the highest grade and the one where you get the most money! Sometimes it’s called ‘black gold’.

I’ve been teaching a friend to drive the chaser bin because I’m heading away for a few days to visit my family and talk at a Rural Women’s Gathering. But while I’m here, this is what I’ve been doing:

I’m also going through the edits of Crimson Dawn while I’m in the tractor. You might ask how I can do that,but harvesting canola is slow. We can fit two header boxes in the chaser bin, so  while I’m waiting for the second load,I’m sitting still. It’s a bit disruptive, but I get it done! Today I’m writing a whole new chapter, long hand!


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