The Sunny Cowgirls & the Esperance show

Rochelle with Celeste from The Sunny Cowgirls

Rochelle with Celeste from The Sunny Cowgirls

I heard the other day, through some form of media that people seem to think that the Agricultural Shows are dying.

I beg to differ.

Yesterday The Boss donned his good clothes, the kids counted their pocket money and I packed my camera and we drove the 100km to the Esperance & Districts Agricultural show. This year’s show was a bit special. It was the 60th anniversary.

Our families have a long history with shows, whether it’s mine through the Orroroo show as a kid, The Boss’s showing cattle, sheep and carcass competitions as a kid and then us collectively together.

As a younger couple, perhaps with a bit more time than we have now, we loved to get out of bed at four in the morning and get our various stock into the pens at the show. The atmosphere was excitement, anticipation, the smells; cooking donuts, fresh manure and the sounds, bellowing stock, kids laughter, and the music from sideshow alley.

To us, the show isn’t about sideshow alley – although it does get a look in. It’s about being in the sheds with animals (The Boss even used to show chooks!), it’s looking at the exhibits and seeing all that our district has to offer, because the show is the window to our community.

Being the 60th anniversary, there were some major events happening. One that attracted the attention of Rochelle and I was The Sunny Cowgirls singing before the fireworks last night. We made plans to be there, but we’re hay making at the moment and the forecast is for big rains tomorrow.  We decided to skip the concert and be bright for work on Saturday morning. Needless to say, that we were disappointed.

But as it happens, The Sunny Cowgirls are not only gorgeous, but generous and lovely too! Rochelle and I were able to meet one half of them as I dropped a copy of Red Dust off to them, just before they headed to a sound-check. We had a bit of a giggle because as I handed over Red Dust, Celeste told me that both Soph and she had already read it!

So a few photos later and a good wishes for the night, we departed, Rochelle giggling her head off, as she was so star-struck and me slightly similar!

If you haven’t heard their music then I suggest to click here and head to the music tab to take a listen!

Thanks to the Esperance and Districts Agricultural Society for another awesome show. In our neck of the woods, the show is by no means, dying!

Celeste -The Sunny Cowgirls & Fleur McDonald - the voice of the outback

Celeste -The Sunny Cowgirls & Fleur McDonald

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