The things kids say!

Kids can be hilarious! How many times have you been trying to tell them off and an ‘out of the mouth of babes’ moment happens and you’re left trying to smother the laughter that just wants to bubble out of you?

My son is the best at it – he has some funny ways of putting things into words. This morning I asked him to hang some washing on the line and he came back at me with: ‘Mum, I can’t do that! You know I’m not trained in that area!’

We were talking about fishing and I asked Hayden if he could cast out. ‘No mum,’ he said very solemnly. ‘You need to be very skilled to do that and I’m not!’

The boss was ‘relocating’ a snake from out front lawn (right next to the dog) with a shot gun. Hayden was inside and when he heard the shot peered out of the window. ‘Are you testing the gun, Dad?’

My Nana was a great one for recording things that we said, as kids – I have a book full of them. A couple, which really make me laugh are:

‘My brother is very naughty,’ said my younger sister. ‘I can’t possibly love him today. I’ll try again tomorrow!’

‘Nana, I almost saw the twins today,’ laughed my cousin.

‘What do you mean, ‘nearly saw them’?’ asked Nana.

‘Well I saw ONE of them!’

What are your kids best lines?

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  1. Hmmmmm… one of my favourite topics!
    Here’s an anecdote I blogged a little while ago:

    “Mum?” Dash asked, brow furrowed.
    “Hmmm,” I responded absently.
    “Who is that pretty lady?”
    “That’s Mrs Obama, Dash. Isn’t she lovely?”
    “Oh yes! I like her smile…
    And who is that man beside her?” he adds as an afterthought.
    “Why that is MR Obama darling – he’s quite an important man, you know.”
    “Really? What does he do?”
    My son stares hard at the photo of the most famous face in the world.
    “Well, he’s the President of the United States,” I explain.
    Small silence.
    “But what does that mean?” he asks intently, eyes unwavering on the page before us.
    “Well, he leads one of the biggest, most powerful countries in the world.”
    Dash’s eyes go quite wide (and if you know Dash, that means there is very little room for anything else on his face!)…
    I wait with anticipation for his reaction to this announcement.
    He doesn’t disappoint.
    “You mean…
    You mean, everybody in the whole ‘Nited States has to, umm, like, tidy up before the clock chimes when HE says so?”
    “Yep, mate,” I said with barely a quaver in my voice…
    “That’s pretty much it.”

    And sometimes it’s the stuff they DO rather than what they say:


  2. Aren’t kids priceless? One of my reasons for blogging is to keep track of some of these.
    And I have blogged about them.
    A few of my personal favourites include:
    Jam Juice – the runny part in jam, highly prized for pouring onto pikelets or scones;
    Peep: As in: ‘Are you doing a poo or a peep?” which is something my son once asked the lady in the next toilet in a busy shopping centre.
    And tents/tense: ‘Oh, I’ve got a lot of tense in there, can you please give me a massage Mumma?’ Tried on regularly by both Mr 9 and Miss 7.

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