The women who inspire me

Cal and Me

I guess all of us have people who inspire us. Women we look at and muter under out breath, ‘I wish I could be like her.’

They might be great mums, family people, have achieved greatness in their line of work, or overcome some type of adversity and come out stronger women.

Well I’m here to tell you, there will be someone looking at YOU, saying ‘Wow, she inspires me. I wish I could be like her.’

Not everyone is the same (obviously!) and different attributes will grab different people’s attention.

I thought I’d share a few of the girls who I keep me going when things get tough. Of course, there are all the usual suspects, like my Mum, my Aunty, my sister. Here’s some different ones.

You’ve met my best friend, Carolyn before. If you haven’t, all you need to do is turn to the acknowledgements in my books and you’ll find her. She also was a Rainbow, back when I was running that section of my blog. If you click on the Rainbow link, above, you’ll understand why I love her almost more than life itself! It’s the right brainer of our relationship and I’m the left. It just works.

She is a brilliant mum (just like I want to be and am not) and she is so organised.


My mate, Amanda from Bush Babe of Oz fame and I met over the internet. Now I have say, we’ve only ever met face-to-face once. It was one the highlights of my trip to Brisbane. She also featured in my Rainbows blogs.

Amanda is once again, the type of Mum I aspire to be. She is the photographer I try to be and has the positive outlook of anyone I have met. Her smile is the first insight you get, to her personality and it doesn’t lie!

bushlit_7439 bw f

This photo of Pip Courtney, Alice Greenup, Nicole Alexander and I was taken by above amazing photographer, Amanda, during the time we met in Brisbane.

Pip Courtney is another woman who inspires me. The ABC Landline presenter has been through hell and back, with the loss of her much-loved husband. She’s picked herself up and kept coming. She is one of the best Journo’s I have the privilege to met. She handles herself with integrity and is supportive of any newbie journo who asks her for help.

Pip told me one day, when she was helping me with the speech for my Purple Roads tour, that she was happy to help the younger journos because it made her do her job better. I thought that was an amazing way to look at it.

Pip also wrote me a blog here:

Catherine Marriott and Me

Catherine Marriott is a world on wheels. She lives life at a million kilometres an hour! There is no one who can enter a room and have the energy change around them, the way she can. Passionate about family, agriculture and  empowering women to be their best, she single handedly runs a business called Influential Women. She travels thorugh-out the world presenting specially designed workshops to help women become better communicators and leaders. To teach great decision making skills and how to work in teams. There is too many amazing things she does to mention here.

 And like with Amanda, Catherine’s smile is the indicator of her personality. Read a blog she wrote for me here:

So now I’ve introduced you to some of the women who inspire me, I’d like to tell you about a new blog section I’m running. It’s called Fantastic Female Friday.

I’m going to feature women who inspire YOU. So if you’ve got any ideas of women who should be featured here, please get in contact with me. Email address is author at fleurmcdonald dot com OR leave a note in the comments section below.

There is NO criteria for this. If the woman inspires you, then tell me who she is and I’ll get her on here!

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  1. I’d have to say, after reading Educating Alice the other day, Alice Greenup is an inspiration! Wish I had the courage to do some of the things she has done!

  2. Amanda is definitely high on my list of inspirational women (along with my mother in law whom I cannot live without) As an obsessed hobby photography – I was fortunate enough to meet BB of Oz IRL recently after following her blog for the last few years. She gave me a personal tour of her photo exhibition (after I travelled 7hrs to see it) and welcomed me into her home for the weekend…..such a beautiful person with a gorgeous family and an experience I will cherish for life 🙂

  3. My late grandma. She loved the poetry I wrote. My mum is a supporter of my writing. My friends love reading what I wrote and my kids. Any woman who wants to have a go is an inspiration to all or one who has struggled.

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