Thickening ‘the Plot’


Occasionally I draw a blank when it comes to ‘the plot’ thickening. That’s where friends come into it! We get together, have a couple of glasses of wine and let those crazy idea’s flow! Sometimes it’s the most crazy ones that actually take off.

We were missing an important person last time we had a plot-fest. Carolyn is my idea’s woman! She’s also my organiser and keeps me on the track when I get uptight or in a state! But she couldn’t be here, so she sent me a big long email instead that Gill and I deciphered and put into play!

Butchers paper and lots of different coloured textas link the characters to the plot. By the time Gill left, I was pretty much back on track… so it’s back to the keyboard and nose to the grindstone! The deadline is looming very quickly!


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