Things that make go, hmm!

I’m continually amazed at what I see in the sea, on the beaches or in National Parks, around Esperance. I guess coming from the mid-north of South Australia, I was pretty used to seeing Kangaroos, Emus and the odd King Brown snake, but we never saw anything different or exciting!

Yesterday, at one of the main beaches, in Esperance, I watched a shark swim around the jetty, in maybe three feet of water – I was both excited and scared when I saw how shallow the water was, where it was swimming. I’m not much of a beach swimmer and I think I’ve just been put off for life!

The kids and I also watched two sea lions, frolic and fight for their tea. When one of them grabbed a fish, the other would chase it, in and around the jetty pilings, causing us to run from one side of the jetty, to the other and gasp with delight at their antics. The seagulls, of course, had to be involved and launched air attacks, trying to steal the fish, from their mouths.

Then there was a big ole seal, which was flopped on the beach, just under the local café/caravan that’s parked on the beach. I have to say, I wondered if he was alive and I asked Rochelle if she would like to poke him. He must have heard me, because as I finished the question, he raised his head, looked straight at us and flopped down, with a snort! He obviously didn’t appreciate my question!

That was just yesterday, but I’ve seen sting rays, echidnas, strange and dangerous snakes, different types of fish and I think of the most amazing things I’ve seen was a large tree trunk, which had fallen off a ship, and washed up on our local beach. It was wider than me, taller than me and about eighty feet long. I’ve often wondered where it came from and how long it took to get pushed ashore, on our beach.

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