This is how I roll…

Cruising Thelma and Louise style!

The last couple of days have included a few strange ways of getting around the place! Normally I drive a very nice Nissan Patrol Wagon – very comfortable, fuel efficient and very ‘normal’.

My friend, however, has a new, fun type car. Can you guess what ‘breed’ it is from this pic? Yesterday was a beautiful day for driving, so we decided to do a run around the tourist loop in Esperance. The ‘new car’ (still waiting for you to guess what the make is) cornered beautifully: ‘like it’s on rails’ (according to Richard Gere!)

Then today, it was my ‘farming’ day. I did a run out to check the sheep at Prickle Farm, in my nice, normal car and found our share cropper, Mr Wal, hanging around in this beauty. A John Deere header  – now these things are too big to ‘corner like its on rails’ but John Deere is the ‘cream of the crop’ (sorry, the puns may have gone too far!) when it comes to farm machinery.  Although I’m prepared to admit there will be other farmers who believe the yellow headers may be best, or perhaps the red ones. (I’ve seen little kids, in the kindy yard, have a fisty-cuff over which coloured header was better – it’s always the colour their dad has!) But I’ve farmed with John Deere machinery all my life and I’m sold on them, like I am Nissans.

It was so good to jump in the header and go for a ride – see the wheat pouring into the bin. I miss harvest. Actually, I miss everything about farming. This wheat crop was yielding really, really well.

These videos will give you all a little snippet to what it’s like to sit in a header.

While I was on the header, I got a call my from mate, Em at Colonial Clydesdales. She was taking the horses out for a spin and did I want to come along? Well, I felt it only fair that I should, considering what I’ve been riding in recently!

Been an awesome couple of days, but now it’s back to the grindstone. Next book is due at the publishers in February, so best I get back to it!

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