This is more like it!


There is a sense of urgency in the air in the Condingup/Beaumont area! After a half a day harvesting, yesterday dawned bright and warm and there are trucks, headers and chaser bins moving on most of the farms in the district.

The golden glow of the stubbles that have already been harvested are taunting the farmers who haven’t started yet but today we should all get going.

We need to get as much grain off as quickly as possible, so that if the predictions of ‘destructive thunderstorms and gale forced winds’ that echo around the cab of the header, come this afternoon, we have some safely in the silos.

We sent our first truck of the harvest off with a great sense of relief that harvest is finally underway and even though I’m watching the thick black clouds roll in, I think that we’ve had our fair share of rain over the past three weeks and we’ll still be harvesting tomorrow … but then again I’m also ever the optimist! Here’s hoping.

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