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One of the things I’m told I’m good at, as an author, is my descriptions of country. This is some more amazing country I was imaging when I wrote Red Dust. (If you visit this page, you’ll see the book trailer for Red Dust and some more of the country.)

Native pines, granite, vivid blue skies, deep creeks, majestic gums trees and steep hills are all common place in this neck of the woods.

Although I have to ask, can you imagine mustering these hills? It takes some skill, especially when you have a cranky wether and loads of rocks around.

You do need really good dogs – it saves taking the motor bikes into place you really shouldn’t (which my Dad is known for doing, as he is known for falling off and hurting himself, regularly! Last week he cracked his sternum and broke a couple of ribs. Crazy man.)

Anyway, us Parnell’s and McDonald’s are quite dog mad. My Dad loves dogs to distraction. Sometimes, he comes in for lunch and says hello to them before he does to Mum! I don’t think the boss and I are quite that bad, but we do love dogs.

Tilly and Tessa

Tilly and Tessa

This is Tilly and Tessa. They’re from the same litter and as you can see, make themselves at home, without any problems. I love the way Tessa sits on the bench seat. It’s where my Papa used to sit, overseeing everything and making sure things were going to plan. I’m sure that’s what Tessa is doing.

These girls are still learning to muster and I’m hoping they’ll learn quickly. I don’t think dad needs another fall from the motor bike anytime soon!

You might note that Tessa has the same name as my heroine in Silver Clouds. Well there is a story behind her name and it involves this dog. I’ll tell you more soon!

What are your dogs names and what’s your favourite story about them?

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  1. Hi, your dogs look very much like our old dog, who followed me everywhere, although we still miss her 9 years after she left us our present dog is just one big bundle of fun, named Pepper, believe it or not named after Marcia’s husband Trev also know as Pepperioni! another bundle of fun!!

  2. Love the photos, Fleur. They look like a couple of sharp pups!

    Our dog Zeus is getting a little long in the tooth now but still thinks he’s a pup. He was named Zeus because he was the bossy one in the litter. He had to be front and centre organising his siblings. His ‘mum’ was from Macedonia and so naming him after the boss of the Greek Gods made some sort of weird sense at the time!

  3. Nice looking dogs! We are down to just one. A Yorkie-Poo and his name is Chewy, named after Chewbacca from Star Wars, because he kind of looks like him. We just at to put our other dog down. Her name was Temp. She was a stray I rescued and was only supposed to be with us temporarily until we would find her a home. She stayed with us for 14 years!

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