Tilly and Tessa

‘Tilly and Tessa were twins. They looked exactly alike…’ Have you ever heard this kids story?

It used to be one of my favourites when I was about three or four. Mum still groans every time I mention the book – she thinks I made her read it thousands of times. I’m sure I wouldn’t have. Or maybe I did. I certainly knew if she skipped a page, even though I couldn’t read.

Anyway, these two puppies are from the same litter and can you guess their names? Yup. Tilly and Tessa. We named them when we were visiting my family in South Australia (they’re mum and dad’s pups). Being a pair, we had to have a bit of fun with their names. My sister came up with ‘Crowbar and Shovel’ and I think they should have been ‘Salt and Bush’ as there is heaps of planted saltbush on Glenroy.

The boss and I tried to steal one of them (since they both look the same, we don’t know which is Tilly or Tessa), but Dad wouldn’t be in that and the kids decided it might be messy in the car driving back across the Nullarbor.

But Tilly and Tessa they are, and secretly, I’m pretty pleased with that. Tessa is also my main character in Silver Gums.

Can you remember your favourite childhood story? What was it?

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  1. Yes! It’s called “The Country Bunny and the little gold shoes.” by Du Bose Heyward.
    It’s an Easter story about a little brown rabbit born in the country who dreamt of becoming an Easter Bunny, but all the flash Jack Rabbits and fine White Bunnies laughed at her and told her to go back to the country and “eat a carrot!” But Cottontail, showed that even though she had 21(!) babies, she was swift, kind and wise and earned her place as an Easter Bunny who was rewarded with magical golden shoes for bravery. Such a wonderful story, I wonder if anyone else knows of it?

  2. I’m speechless…you drive through the Nullarbor?????
    I heard that is sooo dangerous!! How many times have you done that? How long does it take to get across? Any stories you’d like to share? Curious mind is dying to know. 🙂

    Ah, nearly forgot….real cuties, those dogs.

    1. Hi Briditte, no it’s not dangerous at all! There is roadhouses about every 200km and if you put your foot the pedal and don’t stop, it only takes about 21 hours from Pt Augusta to Balladonia. I drove it with my family this time, but I’ve crossed it many times by myself and never felt unsafe.

      It looks beautiful out there at the moment, the rains have brought the country to life – green grass and bushes everywhere.

      Silver Gums, my next book has links to the Nullabor.

  3. Tilly and Tessa was my sisters favorite book and we read it hundreds of times! Along with many of the Miffy books she loved. She was 8 years younger than me so I could read and she would nag and nag until I did!

    She would say (yes I still remember….. Tilly and Tessa were tins, the were zactly like, Tilly wore blue dress and Tessa wore a red dress!

    I saw your blog as I am trying to find a copy of the book for her birthday!

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