Tiny tugs get the job done


I was in Esperance the other day and happened to be on the foreshore when this ship was coming into the port.

I’d never actually stopped and watched the tugs bring one in, but since I had the kids with me, we stopped and watched for a little while.


It’s really quite amazing, the way these little boats, guide this huge one safely into the port and get it berthed at the docks without any hassle.

I’m not sure what this one will be loaded up with, but it’s either iron ore or grain from the last harvest.

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  1. Hey Fleur, we got to see one too, on Saturday i think. My brother in law works at the port….still waiting for the tour ha ha. Sorry i missed catching up with you, i did stop into the Le Grand bookshop for a stickie beak! We had a great time (in the rain) and i got plenty of hugs from my new niece. Hopefully we will be back again, next time i will bring the family out for a visit. xx

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