Tis the season… of wildflowers!

Today’s blog is actually a Vlog! Have a look at the wild flowers we have on our farm!

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  1. Its really nice to see where other people live and the views they look at every day – no wonder you are inspired to write rural!!! It would be great to “see” more blog posts from your end of the world – particularly those beaches that you have! Great post!

  2. Thanks for sharing a teeny bit of your Paradise. I definitely agree with Gabi; could we have more visual post, please? Beaches work for me, too. 🙂

    I also meant to tell you, although I have never commented on your 52 farming stories, I read each and every one of them. Very inspiring.
    I couldn’t help but notice one thing though. It seems to me that in Australia, and that came across in several of your stories, there isn’t a huge connection between Farmers and City people. That is so sad.
    Here in France there is still a big connection, as a lot of City people originally come from the country and some still have relatives in the farming community, sending their children to the Grandparents on farms during school vacation.
    There is also a huge trend vacationing on farms, B&B style or in “gîtes” (self catering).
    When farmers demonstrate because Brussels wants to push through new regulations, there is widespread support of the rest of the population.
    The French love their Farmers.

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