Torrential Downpour

Ah … the weather! It often sounds like farmers are complaining about the weather, but so much of our business relies on it.

It needs to rain in March/April so the ground is still warm enough to grow feed for winter.

Even though it rains (or at least it should!) during the cold months, the ground is too cold to grow much, so the feed that grows during March, may not last a long time!

At this time of the year we hope that it’s going to be warm and sunny so we can take our crops off. Not get 30mm of rain in 20 minutes like we did on Sunday!

A torrential downpour has now downgraded our crops but filled our dams that were very low and watered out a summer crop of sorghum, so we are grateful there was some good out of bad!

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  1. Great pictures – its always hard to take wet weather photos and keep the camera dry..!! Your web page is really good.
    If you have got too much rain send some our way – we keep breaking records for lack of rain, even some of the big gum trees are struggling this year.

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