Tractor Pull


How strong are you? Have you got a team that could pull a tractor? Well we put it to the test on Saturday, March 21 with the Staines Esperance Tractor Pull at the Condingup P&C Community Fair. There’s $500 up for grabs – you should be able to shout the bar with that!

There’s so many things happening outside on Saturday that there’s no reason for you to stay in town. Get in your car and come to Condy for the day.

We’ve got Doopa Dog, free races and activities for the kids, The Bucking Bull, Farm Centre Cull Cup (which is the biggest laugh in the world!) There’s the Farm & General Dog High Jump (another $500 up for grabs… lots of dog food!) and all the displays – Esperance Helitours, Dept Planning and infrastructure (Marine Safety), Ratten & Slater, Staines Esperance, Black Dog Coffee, Bay Automotive Group, Esprinte Framing, Raw Potato Crafts and so many more.

It’s a great family day, so please come and show your support for the Condingup Community and our school.

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