One of the things I love about being married is two familles worth of traditions combine.

I like traditions, especially around Christmas and birthdays. As a kid I loved knowing that we would go to the small Christmas pageant which was held in Orroroo every Christmas eve. I enjoyed the carols which were held either at the hospital or the ‘Old Folks’ Home, so everyone got a piece of the Christmas joy. I knew that we would go to Church before we opened the present and there would be chicken and pork for lunch.

Hayden cooking


Some of these traditions I’ve taken over to my family, but The Boss’s family has some of their own – peppermint chocolate slice is one of them… And a very good one!

I’ve brought in two new traditions which we’ve started this year.

Boxing day, one of the kids has to cook tea and New Years Eve, the other one has to.

Hayden did a great job of making this lasagne – you can see the concentration on his face! Lasagne, salad and garlic bread… Yum, just about my favourite meal!










Hayden's lasagne - yummy, even if he couldn't smile!


Tonight Rochelle is cooking a three course meal – with the help of The Boss. Marninated Chicken drumsticks is entree, roast lamb and veggies, cooked in the Webber, for mains and self saucing chocolate pudding. With all of that in my tummy, I’m pretty sure I won’t see the New Year in!

Wishing you all a wonderful night tonight, oh and do you have traditions in your house? I’d love to hear about them.

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